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It may feel like it, but you’re not defending against auditors. You’re defending against intelligent, persistent cyber adversaries that know how to covertly bypass the latest in defensive technologies. You need a partner that can simulate that level of sophistication to help you better defend against real-world threats.

The Silent Break Difference

Silent Break Security understands that businesses are more than just technology. Businesses are people and processes as well. Traditional security assessments only analyze the technology aspect of business. We strive to be the absolute best at performing sophisticated, realistic security assessments. We know that practice doesn’t make perfect unless you’re practicing correctly.


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DefensePenetration Testing
February 6, 2018

Windows Events, Sysmon and Elk…oh my!

Overview While assisting customers in collaborative red and blue team assessments, we are often asked "How do I see the specific events or logs a hacking tool leaves behind?" or…
Penetration Testing
January 22, 2018

Insecurity Through Obscurity

Web App assessments are probably one of the most popular penetration tests performed today. These are so popular that public bug bounty sites such as Hacker One and Bug Crowd offer…
CodePenetration Testing
August 23, 2017

sRDI – Shellcode Reflective DLL Injection

During our first offering of "Dark Side Ops II - Adversary Simulation" at Black Hat USA 2017, we quietly dropped a piece of our internal toolkit called sRDI. Shortly after,…
Penetration TestingWeb
August 17, 2017

XSS Using Active Directory Automatic Provisioning

We recently tested a web application that had implemented Azure Active Directory automatic provisioning through Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM). Azure Active Directory can automatically provision users and groups to any…