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It may feel like it, but you’re not defending against auditors. You’re defending against intelligent, persistent cyber adversaries that know how to covertly bypass the latest in defensive technologies. You need a partner that can simulate that level of sophistication to help you better defend against real-world threats.

The Silent Break Difference

Silent Break Security sets the bar for quality, customer service, and professionalism. From compliance to sophisticated adversary simulations to collaborative assessments to custom red team tool-kits and training, we customize our approach to best help organizations improve their security maturity. Don't take our word for it, just ask our customers.


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CodePenetration TestingRedTeamToolkit
October 4, 2018

Introducing the Red Team Toolkit

We are excited to introduce the Red Team Toolkit! The Red Team Toolkit (RTT) is a software product built by red teamers, for red teamers. What is it? Currently the…
ExploitsPenetration Testing
September 10, 2018

An Approach to Bypassing Mail Filters

TLDR By "nulling" the first one or two bytes of a docm file, some spam filters will allow a malicious document to be delivered despite being explicitly blocked. Upon opening…
Penetration Testing
June 26, 2018

ESPKey + Long Range RFID Reader = A New Tastic Thief

There have been plenty of blog posts, and security conference talks about building long-range RFID badge readers. Bishop Fox (RFID Hacking Tools) and Inguardians (Make your tastic fun tastic) both…
March 12, 2018

Windows Events, Sysmon and Elk…oh my! (Part 2)

Overview In the previous post we walked through on how to setup an ELK instance and forward event logs using Winlogbeat. If you haven't setup an ELK instance, I would…