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Introducing the Red Team Toolkit

By October 4, 2018 No Comments

We are excited to introduce the Red Team Toolkit!

The Red Team Toolkit (RTT) is a software product built by red teamers, for red teamers.

What is it?

Currently the Red Team Toolkit offering includes Slingshot. Slingshot is a post-exploitation agent used by red teams to conduct advanced network cyber-operations. It was designed and architected with stealth in mind, enabling operators to emulate sophisticated adversaries. It also increases the speed and efficiency of advanced operations through its Python scripting engine and fluid interface. Slingshot is an excellent addition to any high-functioning red team.

Eventually RTT will offer several tools covering the various stages and challenges of red team and cyber-operations.

Why are we offering it?

Building custom tools for our (Silent Break Security) own red team engagements has always been a BIG part of our methodology. Much of this philosophy comes from our days architecting, building, and conducting real-world cyber-operations for the Department of Defense. Many of you may already be familiar with this philosophy from our Dark Side Ops 1 and Dark Side Ops 2 training courses, or our Throwback project on GitHub.

Over the last 7+ years, we’ve built an offensive toolkit that has become operator intuitive, reliable, and stealthy. As sophistication of the toolkit progressed, we noticed a market need for red teams to maintain offense-in-depth. Having a custom, mature toolkit ready and operational is a great opportunity to help other teams struggling with offensive tooling limitations and capabilities.

What are the features?

Slingshot has too many features to list here! We plan to regularly release videos and blog posts detailing RTT capabilities and updates. As a quick summary, below is a brief feature list of Slingshot.

  • HTTP/HTTPS beaconing
  • Malleable communication profiles
  • Full Mimikatz functionality
  • Slingshot scripting (via Python!)
  • SMB pivoting
  • SOCKS proxying
  • In-memory PowerShell
  • In-memory .NET assemblies
  • Loads of OS API integrated commands

How much does it cost?

RTT follows a software subscription model, similar to many software products these days. The starting annual price is $7,000/license. Annual renewals are $3,500/license. For more information, please contact us!

Red Team Toolkit – By red teamers, for red teamers.