Brady Bloxham

Founder and Principal Security Consultant

Brady Bloxham has been on the leading-edge of information security for nearly 15 years. Brady started his career working for various three letter agencies, where he earned multiple awards for exceptional performance in conducting network cyber-operations. Noticing a discrepancy between the way cyber-attacks were being conducted in the wild and what the private sector was calling a “penetration test”, Brady started Silent Break Security with the focus on providing security assessments with an attacker mindset and methodology. This means assessments are customized for each organization to be modeled after real, potential attacks that organization may face from hackers.

As founder of Silent Break Security, Brady is constantly researching evolving trends in the industry, developing customized methodologies to fit the needs of modern business and agencies, and working with organizations to improve security against evolving attacks. Brady has contributed to and been mentioned in several books, including “Professional Penetration Testing.” It is evident information security is his passion by his involvement in security education and community outreach. In his spare time, Brady is an adjunct professor teaching Telecommunications and Computer Security at the University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business (DESB); he enjoys speaking and training at ISSA, ISACA, DEFCON, DerbyCon, and other conferences. He also developed and maintains the PwnOS project, an exploitable virtual machine used as an educational tool for students.

Brady received a BS in Information Systems from the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University. He also received a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Assurance from Idaho State University.

The Team

The Silent Break Security team motto is “Perfect practice makes perfect”, and you can see this throughout their innovative tools, customer service, and community outreach. Their diverse training and experience allows Silent Break Security to understand what your company needs. Give the team a complex security problem and they’ll deliver a customized solution that simply works.