Our Services

Depending on your needs, risk, and current security posture, Silent Break Security will work with you to develop a custom assessment plan best suited for your environment.

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Our Approach

Be the absolute best in the offensive security testing and consulting industry through a unique, three-pronged approach:

1. Surpassing Expectations
Service is not something we do, it’s who we are.
2. Emulate Real World Threats
Prepare and test defenses against realistic attacks. Perfect practice makes perfect.
3. Utilize A Custom Arsenal
Stealth and realistic simulation can’t happen with cookie cutter tools. Our in-house developed tools equip our team to go above and beyond.

What We Offer

Many of our services may be offered as a black-box, white-box, or hybrid approach. A black-box approach involves performing the assessment as an attacker, with no insider knowledge of the target or application. This approach is most representative of the process an actual hacker would go through to attack your network. A white-box approach is also offered, levering more interaction with the client to review and improve the target application or network. While this approach may be more thorough, it is also considered less representative of an actual attacker.

Adversary Simulation

Typically security assessments involve off-the-shelf or open-source products, automated scans and attacks to identify vulnerabilities, and engagements scoped to last a week or two in effort to assist clients in becoming compliant. Ultimately, the scope and sophistication of these assessments are limited to the functionality provided by the purchased or free toolset.

This approach is ineffective for several reasons. First, attackers leverage custom tools, exploits, and methodologies when targeting an organization. Furthermore, what organizations need is a realistic perspective of their ability to identify, detect, and respond to an attack, which the typical approach fails to provide. Finally, attackers are not bound by the strict timeline and scope of traditional penetration tests. All these factors combined represent why more and more organizations are being breached every year. The conventional testing approach is not working!


Defensive Collaboration

Skilled attackers often hide their tracks in plain sight by blending malicious activity with legitimate user activity. Of course all organizations want to improve their ability to identify threats, detect attacks, and improve overall security. The difficulty is often in the ability to find the “needle in the haystack” without knowing what the needle looks like. Silent Break Security’s unique Collaborative Penetration Test offering allows organizations to work hand-in-hand with our security experts to improve, assist, and educate on finding the malicious “needle in the haystack.”

The Collaborative Penetration Test is typically scoped as a follow up assessment to the custom, targeted Black Box Penetration Test. The specific areas targeted for collaborative testing depend upon the gaps identified in the Black Box Penetration Test. Typically, testing includes further hardening of several key areas likely to be leveraged in an actual attack.


Application Security

Web applications frequently store sensitive information or may provide an external access point to your network. Users expect user-friendliness, and as a result, web applications have increasing vulnerabilities as developers enhance user-interfaces and the applications become more dynamic. To mitigate these weaknesses, application user-improvements should always coincide with associated security testing.

A Web Application Penetration Test examines all aspects of an application to identify vulnerabilities. All Web Application Penetration Tests are unique and require a manual testing approach. The objective of the penetration test is to exploit any found weaknesses and obtain secure information or impede the application.

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