The Silent Break Philosophy

Silent Break Security was founded with the utmost focus on client satisfaction in performing high quality information security services. We work relentlessly to exceed expectations and the competition by following our principle, “Go the extra mile. It’s never crowded.”

Silent Break Security specializes in highly customized, targeted penetration tests taking the approach “to know your enemy, you must become your enemy.” With over 15 years of specialized IT security experience, Silent Break Security experts have worked with Department of Defense, government contractors, technology, health, and financial services organizations.

We understand every organization is different, requiring a different approach to each engagement. Using our security progression lifecycle, we help our clients determine which service or combination of services is best suited for their environment. Going far beyond a simple “check the box” approach, we are passionate about security. Our philosophy is the engagement is not over until we have impressed.

What We Offer

Many of the services listed below may be offered as a black-box, white-box, or hybrid approach. A black-box approach involves performing the assessment as an attacker, with no insider knowledge of the target or application. This approach is most representative of the process an actual hacker would go through to attack your network. A white-box approach is also offered, levering more interaction with the client to review and improve the target application or network. While this approach may be more thorough, it is also considered less representative of an actual attacker. Depending on your needs, risk, and current security posture, Silent Break Security will work with you to develop a custom assessment plan best suited for your environment.