The Problem

Typically security assessments involve off-the-shelf or open-source products, automated scans and attacks to identify vulnerabilities, and engagements scoped to last a week or two in effort to assist clients in becoming compliant. Ultimately, the scope and sophistication of the assessment are limited to the functionality provided by the purchased or free toolset.

This approach is ineffective for several reasons. First, attackers leverage custom tools, exploits, and methodologies when targeting an organization. Further, what organizations need is a realistic perspective of their ability to identify, detect, and respond to an attack, which the typical approach fails to provide.Finally, attackers are not bound by the strict timeline and scope of traditional penetration tests. All these factors combined represent why more and more organizations are being breached every year. The conventional testing approach is not working!

The Approach

The Black Box Penetration Test breaks the mold of the typical penetration test by taking the following approach:

  • Perform targeted open source research
  • Build a profile of target employees and environment
  • Create custom social engineering attack best suited for target environment
  • Gain access to internal network through custom social engineering attacks and backdoors
  • Perform internal network reconnaissance
  • Identify vulnerabilities, escalate privileges, and pivot to high-value targets using stealthy techniques and custom backdoors
  • Illustrate real-world impact through extensive analysis of target environment
  • Rate criticality of findings and identify countermeasures
  • Transfer knowledge

The Silent Break Security Difference

Silent Break Security applies a much different approach, increasing the sophistication and value of a traditional penetration test by applying custom malware and real-world attack simulation. Applying first-hand knowledge from prior DoD and NSA experience of how “real” cyber-attacks are conducted, Silent Break Security uses custom code, attack methodologies, and stealth persistence to complete all stages of the assessment. With this competitive advantage, few other security companies are able to match the sophistication, methodology, and ultimately, value, provided by Silent Break Security. When it comes to conducting sophisticated, stealthy attacks, Silent Break Security is the best in the industry.