The rapid adoption of AWS and other cloud services has contributed to the complexity of enterprise environments. As a result, it’s increasingly important to challenge existing cloud security measures to identify potential issues. Some common scenarios of these issues include a flawed understanding of the shared responsibility model, excessive permissions, failure of multi-factor authentication, and zero-day vulnerabilities. A Cloud Security Assessment helps reduce risk from leveraging cloud architecture and protect organizations from common cloud vulnerabilities.

Techniques for assessing cloud vulnerabilities and strategies for attack are specific to the cloud environment in scope. Silent Break Security professionals have significant experience building and testing Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environments. A Cloud Security Assessment is critical for any organization leveraging the cloud for application hosting, data storage, business infrastructure, or Exchange and Office management.

A Cloud Security Assessment Includes The Testing Listed Below.

  • S3 Bucket And Data Storage Misconfigurations
  • User Administration Roles And Key Management
  • Remote Access Policies
  • Cloudfront And WAF Bypasses
  • DNS Record Takeovers And Misconfigurations
  • Volume And Host-Based Encryption
  • SSL Certificate Configuration
  • Cloud Environment Logging And Monitoring
  • Inbound And Outbound Network Acls
  • Endpoint And Application Monitoring And Patching Policy

While an Application Penetration Test focuses solely on the application layer, secure coding practices, and exposed APIs, a Cloud Security Assessment reviews the security of the cloud architecture that supports the application and/or production environment. An application can be free of vulnerabilities, but if the underlying system is vulnerable, a data breach can still occur. A Cloud Security Assessment provides the level of testing necessary to be confident in the security of cloud infrastructure.

Silent Break Security has worked with Amazon, Microsoft and Google in testing various client cloud environments, and is familiar with the environment testing application and approval process. We are committed to helping you understand the final deliverable and ensuring appropriate remediation can be achieved through the provided guidance.

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