Taking a vulnerability assessment beyond a simple “check the box” approach, Silent Break Security uses an attacker mindset to increase the effectiveness and findings of the internal assessment. In this case, the assessment is specifically targeting network infrastructure and segmentation, end-user workstations, domain privilege escalation, and access to sensitive network and business resources.

To facilitate remote testing, Silent Break Security provides several options depending on the needs and goals of an organization. First, to emulate a real-world breach Silent Break Security can deploy custom tools to a workstation or virtual machine within the target environment. To maintain effectiveness of the assessment, it is imperative the selected workstation or virtual machine mimic exactly the setup and configuration of an actual desktop within the environment. Few other security firms are able to match this approach despite the fact that it most closely mimics what a real-world breach would likely look like.

Alternatively, a small network appliance can be deployed to an organization’s network environment. The appliance will be used remotely by Silent Break Security to assess the effectiveness of internal controls. Regardless of the approach, when it comes to conducting sophisticated, stealthy attacks, Silent Break Security is the best in the industry. Both approaches provide Silent Break Security engineers with secure remote access leveraging encryption, passwords, and two-factor authentication.

An Internal Penetration Test imitates an actual attacker exploiting vulnerabilities in network security from an internal position – possibly with local access or company security knowledge. This test examines internal information security systems for any weakness that may be used to disrupt the confidentiality, availability, or integrity of the network.


All organizations will benefit from an Internal Penetration Test – In fact, many industries understand the benefits and require Internal Penetration Testing. At the conclusion of the Internal Penetration Test you will understand the internal vulnerabilities of your network. As a result, your organization will be able to implement the Silent Break Security solutions to address internal security weaknesses.

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