Mobile devices are essential business tools that are now solidly integrated into organizational networks. These devices include Android, Apple iOS, BlackBerry, and others. Mobile devices are commonly overlooked by organizations as attack platforms used by hackers or as storage devices of sensitive information. Too often, people assume mobile device vendors have provided adequate device security; this is not always true, and if security is provided, it may not be appropriate for your specific use.

Mobile devices need to be assessed to ensure they cannot be compromised if lost or stolen. Mobile Application Penetration Testing will assess the environment of the mobile application and determine the risks associated with the communications channels, data storage, and user interface.


Mobile Device Penetration Testing will let you rest easy as employees move through their day – all while carrying with them access to your secure network. You will be provided a current state analysis of your mobile device security controls including the following assessment:

  • Acknowledge positive operating security controls
  • Identify improvement areas to achieve adequate security
  • Establish immediate strategic resolutions
  • Develop long-term strategic solutions to prevent weaknesses from recurring
  • Develop strategic solutions to prevent industry known issues from emerging
  • Evaluate the security of new mobile technologies prior to deployment
  • User awareness
  • Customized testing specific to your needs