Physical Penetration Test

Physical security is frequently overlooked in an organization. Their focus is typically on their network security and they spend large amounts of money verifying their external network presence is secure. They will spend millions of dollars on the best firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and software that scans incoming messages for viruses. These controls are important, but if an attacker can walk into the building and steal the organization’s sensitive data from an unlocked terminal, these controls are essentially ineffective.

Examples of Physical Security

  • Forms of Physical Security
    • Barriers (fences, car barriers,
      • Hopping fences
    • Door locks
      • Piggy backing (or tailgating) (form of social engineering)
      • Bypassing access controls
    • Guard posts/patrols
    • Mechanical (gates, doors, locks, etc.)
    • Electronic (key cards-magnetic, RFID, proximity, etc.; biometrics; etc.)
  • Surveillance/Monitoring Techniques (e.g., Cameras/CCTV)
    • Intrusion Detection/Motion Sensors
  • Visual and Audio Deterrents
    • Alarms
    • Security Lighting
  • Office/desktop security
  • Logging/Auditing


  • Laptop theft
  • Access to unlocked terminal
  • Access to an internal network, access to a wiring closet, or even access to a data center
  • Access to any satellite facilities/branches


Physical Penetration Tests find and exploit the vulnerabilities within a company’s physical controls and barriers. Penetration Tests include lock picking doors, hopping fences, piggy backing, bypassing physical access controls, or social engineering; A Physical Security Test is a non-invasive, comprehensive assessment of all the Physical Security controls in place at a facility or location. Depending on client objectives and request for verification, we may employ various Physical Penetration Testing techniques aligned with the desired objectives.

  • Attempting to gain access to critical infrastructure or Executive area in a Control Center and/or Service Center;
  • Attempting to gain access to any satellite facilities/branches.
  • Physical Security breaches can have the same impact as computer breaches
  • Silent Break Security uses highly specialized tools during Physical Penetration Test

Physical Security Attack & Penetration Tests should be conducted on high value facilities and locations annually.

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