Social Engineering Test

Your information is only as secure as your weakest link, and sometimes the weakest link is you.

Social Engineering attacks target the persuadable, unpredictable, and unaware human element within an organization. Instead of a hacker penetratinghardware, software, or network designs, they will target the vulnerabilities of human nature. Attacks are frequently successful because employee actions are not encrypted or coded to act in a certain way – they may make emotional, untrained decisions that may expose secure information.

A Social Engineering Test will emulate the mission of a malicious user by identifying areas of weakness in your organization’s security controls and employee security awareness.


Silent Break Security provides unique comprehensive Social Engineering Testing depending on client objectives to identify weaknesses and promote awareness:

  • Email Assessment:

    Silent Break Security generates and transmits mass or targeted emails to your employees simulating an actual phishing attack. Emails are manufactured to navigate your security controls and reach the intended recipient. Targeted emails are tailored to a specific group or individual to convince the recipient to click a link or download a malicious payload.

  • Telephone Assessment:

    Silent Break Security conducts highly believable phone calls to unsuspecting personnel.  Your general staff, help desk personnel, and/or executives may be contacted via telephone to persuade them to provide sensitive or confidential information.

  • Data Storage Device Assessment:

    Silent Break Security creates custom undetectable malware placed on CD-ROMs, USB Thumb Drives, or other storage devices. These are left in strategic locations at the target location or delivered via U.S. mail. Silent Break Security’s custom malware is designed to allow our consultants remote access to the compromised machine.