Attack Simulation

Do you know how you measure up against a sophisticated adversary? Are you confident the defensive products you’ve spent millions of dollars on are effective in protecting your organization? Central Attack Simulation provides you with the tools you need to ensure the effectiveness of your defensive controls and measurably improve security maturity.

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Simulate real world attacks


Less risk and more control


Customize your
control frameworks


Protect and prevent

Customize Your Approach

MITRE ATT&CK provides your cybersecurity team with real-word threat models and methodologies to leverage for good. Central will empower your team to customize and automate the ATT&CK frameworks.

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Central leverages the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix to build and simulate custom, automated attack scenarios. From a variety of strains of ransomware, to discovery and stealthy pivoting techniques, Central helps verify your defensive controls and continually improve your security maturity.

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Identify the Weakness

Cybersecurity attacks can be broken into a series of singular events. Each event represents a potential point of detection. Central Attack Simulation executes attack scenarios based on real-world attacker TTPs and MITRE ATT&CK techniques. Simulate a single technique as a play, or execute a full attack chain using one of the pre-built playbooks.

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Implement the Fix

More than a testing tool, Central Attack Simulation provides best practice recommendations for each attacker technique. Detailed implementation guidance and references put and keep your organization on the right track.

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Verify the Remediation

Test, test, and retest the remediation until you have confidence in your kill chain. Test, measure, and track the maturity of detective and preventative controls against specific attacker techniques.

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