Password Audit

Passwords are the first line of defense for an organization’s data protection and information security. Weak passwords in the wrong hands can make networks crumble and companies crack. Data breaches are often achieved through compromised passwords – so what is there to do? Measure, manage, and ultimately mitigate weak passwords with Central’s Password Audit.

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Simulate real world attacks


Less risk and more control


Customize your
control frameworks


Protect and prevent

Protect and Prevent

Easiest way to get hacked? Weak passwords. See if your passwords can withstand attacker techniques and get actionable feedback. Protect business and personal information by implementing stronger passwords as aided by the password audit module.

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of users were using a password already leaked in other data breaches
of security breaches were caused by compromised passwords
of online accounts are guarded by duplicate passwords

Understand your organization’s password security

We know you want to see how you’re doing. Read the narrative that is your security journey with visual data analytics. Use the analytics to see real change and make decisions going onward and upward.

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Duplicate passwords
Short, blank, or weak passwords
Passwords lacking complexity
Passwords without expiration

Remove password weaknesses

Central’s Password Audit is a tool designed to test the strength of an organization’s passwords. Discover how many passwords are susceptible to hackers. With Central, you’re able to oversee and improve the weaknesses in your passwords.

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