Compliance Simplified

Managing complicated compliance requirements gets much easier with Silent Break Central. Combine your compliance frameworks into one convenient road map. See where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there – all in one central location.

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Simulate real world attacks


Less risk and more control


Customize your
control frameworks


Protect and prevent

Unify compliance

A lot depends upon your organization’s industry and keeping all of the compliance regulations in order can be a headache. You know your organization better than we do, that’s why Central is designed to give you the power to choose which frameworks you need.

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Manage your team with ease

Delegate tasks to your teammates within Central. Stop, collaborate, and listen to get the job done. Security is a process – sharing the love (and tasks) can make a big difference in the efficiency and effectiveness of implementing to-dos and reaching goals.

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Benchmark your current information security program against best-practice controls to get a baseline reading on your organizations security health.


Determine security control tasks, delegate responsibility for each one, and track implementation progress on the roadmap.


Each procedure has an owner, description, and completion frequency. At the specified interval, Central emails the owner the procedure instructions.


Visual charts show general control compliance status, deficient controls breakdown, and compliant controls breakdown.

Simulate real-world threats

Run real-world risk simulations against your control frameworks to identify gaps and weaknesses in your security program. Worried about ransomware? How about an insider threat? Does a vendor breach keep you up at night? Simulate these and more than 25 other threats against your security program. Determine the effectiveness of your security program against real-world threats, and then raise the bar!

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