DEF CON 22!!

By February 14, 2014 No Comments

defconSilent Break Security’s founder, Brady Bloxham, spoke at DEF CON 22 on getting Windows to Play with Itself: A Hacker’s Guide to Windows API Abuse. Thanks to everyone that attended. It was an amazing turnout and experience. For those that missed it, the slides can be accessed here. Another big event at DEF CON 22 was the release of Throwback, a HTTPS beaconing C++ implant designed for stealth and egress robustness. Throwback and ThrowbackLP (the PHP/MySQL backend) can be be accessed on GitHub here.

For those that love thinking outside the pen testing box, writing custom malware for a more advanced, targeted attack, and generally enjoy getting Windows to play with itself, Silent Break Security will be hosting their training, “Dark Side Ops: Custom Penetration Testing”, at Blackhat Europe 2014 and Blackhat East Coast Trainings 2014. If you’re tired of the generic attacks using off-the-shelf tools and want to take your skills to the next level learning how to persist, pivot, and exploit all in memory, using and writing custom tools, then this training is perfect for you. There is nothing else like it.