Adversary Simulation

Dark Side Ops II: Adversary Simulation [Updated 2019] is the combination of sophisticated red team trade craft and cutting-edge offensive development. Do you want to be the best resource when the red team is out of options? Can you understand, research, build, and integrate advanced new techniques into existing toolkits? Challenge yourself to move beyond blog posts, how-to’s, and simple payloads. Let’s start simulating real world threats with real world methodology.

The Course

The front lines of real-world attacks move faster than defenses can keep up. Public exploits, proof of concepts, defensive bypasses, attack methodologies, and “tricks of the trade” are readily available. To match, sophisticated adversaries are constantly building custom code, integrating public research, and researching 0-day techniques for their operations. Challenge yourself to move beyond blog posts, how-to’s, and simple payloads.

This course extends the Silent Break Security training series, “Custom Pen Testing” and “Malware Dev”, by furthering participants’ abilities to think, operate, and develop tools just like sophisticated, real-world attackers. This includes the research of defensive bypasses, implementation of public research, and modification of toolkits to accomplish operational goals. If you want to 1) build confidence in your offensive approach and capabilities, 2) learn about and implement the techniques of stealthy malware and backdoors, and 3) achieve the operational results of a sophisticated adversary, then Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation is for you.

By the end of this course students will be able to:

– Ingest and integrate the latest offensive techniques into custom toolkits
– Research and discover unpublished execution techniques
– Build a basic rootkit and explore network traffic triggers for code execution
– Implement flexible staging and code injection techniques
– Reverse engineer .NET applications to identify 0-day vulnerabilities
– Understand and bypass “next-gen” protections
– Research and perform stealthy user-land persistence techniques
– Build easy-to-use and versatile malware, backdoors, and loaders to diversify your toolset and capabilities

As part of the course, participants will receive access to multiple virtual machines where their skills and proficiency will be challenged through a series of intense, hands-on lab exercises. Participants will also be provided with a LOT of custom code to facilitate their learning process and push them to consider improved techniques and novel attack vectors.



new external attack techniques without social engineering.


versatile malware, backdoors, and loaders to diversify your toolset and capabilities.


configuration weaknesses to fully compromise database servers.


the latest in code and DLL injection techniques completely undetectable by AV.


even the tightest of egress controls through custom code execution techniques.

Prevent and block

defensive incident responders from analyzing your tools, payloads, and backdoors.

Reverse engineer

.NET applications to identify 0-day vulnerabilities.

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“Dark Side Ops: Adversary Simulation” is ideal for offensive security enthusiasts who are ready to take their skills beyond the next tool, script, or fill-in-the-blank pen-testing dependence. If you’re an operator or hobbyist interested in building and modifying custom offensive tools to bypass the latest offensive countermeasures, this course is for you. If you are SOC analyst, developer, or incident responder who is interested in a malware development deep dive for hands-on learning, this course is for you.

L33t programming skills are not necessary to enjoy this course, and the labs are designed to provide 2 packed days regardless of previous experience. The material will focus solely on Windows environments, however some of the tooling and all of the theory could be applied to other operating systems as well. We truly believe participants will not leave this course disappointed.

Training Schedule

Come join us for Dark Side Ops: Malware Dev and Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation! Each course is 2 days. Sign up for a single, 2-day course, or have your mind melted with 4 days of consecutive training.