Human-driven automated pentesting

H-DAP uses industry standard DAST scanning tools paired with targeted manual penetration testing, allowing companies to rapidly test with confidence and improve coverage across a portfolio of web applications.


Improve your web application portfolio coverage


Automated scanning establishes a vulnerability baseline faster. Manual validation and triaging provide near-zero false positives, delivering actionable information from noise.


Humans perform targeted manual penetration testing to discover findings that scanners simply can’t.


Expand coverage by testing more of your web application portfolio, instead of only high-risk apps.

You deserve The NetSPI Advantage

Security experts

  • 250+ pentesters
  • Employed, not outsourced
  • Domain expertise

Intelligent process

  • Programmatic approach
  • Strategic guidance
  • Delivery management team

Advanced technology

  • Consistent quality
  • Deep visibility
  • Transparent results