Threat modeling

NetSPI’s threat modeling service takes a holistic approach to identifying potential threats to your company’s systems and applications, providing actionable information that enables stakeholders to make strategic decisions. 


We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to threat modeling, so we work with you and your team to build a custom approach to each engagement.


We incorporate your preferred processes to target unique business risks, goals, and regulations, providing information that empowers security decision-making.


We use a combination of threat modeling methodologies developed by NetSPI and other widely adopted frameworks to provide top-quality analysis in each engagement.

You deserve The NetSPI Advantage

Security experts

  • 250+ pentesters
  • Employed, not outsourced
  • Domain expertise

Intelligent process

  • Programmatic approach
  • Strategic guidance
  • Delivery management team

Advanced technology

  • Consistent quality
  • Deep visibility
  • Transparent results