Mobile application penetration testing

NetSPI tests your Android and iOS mobile applications for vulnerabilities. We manually pentest security controls in four essential areas: file system, memory, network communications, and graphical user interface (GUI), including for the OWASP Mobile Top 10.


Our mobile penetration testing offerings

NetSPI’s mobile application penetration testing brings together dedicated security experts, intelligent process, and advanced technology to improve application security and reduce risk to your business.

Anonymous testing

  • Non-credentialed user
  • Application client binary
  • Application server & web components
  • Mobile device, network & server layers
  • Automated scanners
  • Manual verification

Authenticated testing

  • Credentialed users by type
  • Automated & manual processes
  • Elevate privileges
  • Gain access to restricted functionality
  • Manual verification

You deserve The NetSPI Advantage

Security experts

  • 250+ pentesters
  • Employed, not outsourced
  • Domain expertise

Intelligent process

  • Programmatic approach
  • Strategic guidance
  • Delivery management team

Advanced technology

  • Consistent quality
  • Deep visibility
  • Transparent results