Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation

Typically organizations focus their time, resources, and budget on upgrading and hardening their external network footprint. In years past this approach may have been sufficient. However, most current attacks bypass expensive firewalls and perimeter protections via a simple email. Once internal access is obtained escalating privileges and even obtaining domain administrator privileges can be trivial. To improve security internally and mitigate the risk associated with an internal workstation being compromised, the Collaborative Penetration Test focuses on simulating internal attacks in real-time to educate your security team on attack signatures and tactics. Knowing what the needle looks like is the first step to finding it in the haystack. That is the value of the collaborative approach.

Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation is the combination of sophisticated, red team trade craft and cutting-edge, offensive development to simulate real-world adversary activities. Challenge yourself to move beyond reliance on the typical “low-hanging exploitable fruit” from 1999 and start thinking, persisting, pivoting, and operating like a sophisticated adversary. Application whitelisting got you down? No problem. Can’t catch that callback? Been there. No touching disk? No worries. Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation helps participants up their offensive game by sharing the latest in initial access and post-exploitation, defensive countermeasure bypasses, and unique malware code execution techniques.

Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation builds on Silent Break Security’s Dark Side Ops: Custom Penetration Testing training by furthering participants’ abilities to think, operate, and develop tools just like sophisticated, real-world attackers. If you want to 1) build confidence in your offensive approach and capabilities, 2) learn about and implement the techniques of stealthy malware and backdoors, and 3) achieve the operational results of a sophisticated adversary, then Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation is for you.

Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation provides participants with hands-on labs over an intense, two-day course.

  • Discover new external attack techniques to gain stealthy internal network access without social engineering
  • Leverage configuration weaknesses to fully compromise database servers
  • Reverse engineer .NET applications to identify 0-day vulnerabilities
  • Bypass even the tightest of egress controls through custom code execution techniques
  • Learn about and perform disk-less pivoting techniques
  • Implement the latest in code and DLL injection techniques completely undetectable by AV
  • Learn about and bypass the latest in application whitelisting
  • Prevent and block defensive incident responders from analyzing your tools, payloads, and backdoors
  • Build easy-to-use and versatile malware, backdoors, and loaders to diversify your toolset and capabilities

As part of the course, participants will receive access to multiple virtual machines where their skills and proficiency will be challenged through a series of intense, hands-on lab exercises. Participants will also be provided with a LOT of custom code to facilitate their learning process and push them to consider improved attack techniques and new attack vectors.

Go custom or go home!


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